Hand blown glass

Luxury unique piece vase | Human Heritage
Luxury unique piece vase | Human Heritage
Luxury unique piece vase | Human Heritage
Luxury unique piece vase | Human Heritage

The Story

Implementing ancestral hot glassware crafts, each vase is a luxury unique piece, created by our master glassmaker in handblown glass without mold, whose shape is the purest expression of tradition induced by the blower respecting the material and method.

The Details

  • Hand blown glass, without mold
  • High : 60 cm
  • Wide : 32 cm

The Craftsmanship

«What guides me in the creative process of hot blown glass is a multitude of different elements. I am very intrigued by the limits and capacities which blown glass has to offer. When glass is hot and moves at the end of the pipe, it is in its most beautiful state, hiding all its potential behind an incredibly dangerous heat and hard to control movement. My journey in this relationship is mainly based on respect, humility and listening to what the glass wants to do. A conversation that usually takes us to a place we discover together.»

Delivery & Contact

Items displayed on the Human Heritage site can be delivered worldwide. Depending on your delivery area, specificity of the item, and your specific requirements, our team will offer you the best level of service through our various carrier partners.

Special Orders

Our craftsmen luxury creations are fully handmade and special ordered. Furthermore, we offer the ability to customize your item as you wish. Engraving, color, size, material... Let us know your requirements by completing the form below, and our team will contact you to advise and assist you in the fulfillment of this creative process.

Price upon request

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Provide craftspeople the opportunity to promote their exceptional expertise. Harbor people and companies that appreciate this art at its true extent. Keep the memory of the history, the materials, and the methods. Restore the product to its status of singularity and uniqueness. Catalyze, promote and ensure the sustainability of this Heritage of Humanity.