The World Heritage

Human Heritage weaves its selection among craftsmanship and art tradition sources. Our uniqueness is the careful selection of global excellence craftsmanship.

Whether you are an individual, a collector, an architect, or a professional looking for exclusive items, exceptional or rare products for you, your company, a foundation, we travel the world in seeking exclusive unique creations and know-how.


Tell us about your inquiry

At Human Heritage, we offer :

  • A meeting to discuss your wishes, your expectations, your ambitions ;
  • We submit your search to our panel of experts ;
  • A commitment alongside you to achieve your search ;
  • Regular proposals and reports throughout the research;
  • Review meetings to present our results, so that you can set your choice.



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Provide craftspeople the opportunity to promote their exceptional expertise. Harbor people and companies that appreciate this art at its true extent. Keep the memory of the history, the materials, and the methods. Restore the product to its status of singularity and uniqueness. Catalyze, promote and ensure the sustainability of this Heritage of Humanity.