Your brand + Human Heritage

Sustaining and promoting arts and crafts gives meaning to multiple partnerships. On the one hand, Human Heritage supports organizations working to protect the heritage of our time-honored expertise worldwide and the creators themselves; and secondly, engages and works with brands in a process responsible for transmission of this heritage.

Meanwhile, Human Heritage participates in collaborative projects with brands through its selection of creators to manufacture bespoke products and unique pieces.

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The Circle, a high-end partnership for brands

If you represent a brand or company, we also offer exclusive partnership services.

  • The organization of thematic seminars for your executives, consisting of a meeting with the person skilled in the art, and the discovery of his expertise ;
  • Added value to your brand through partnership with Human Heritage by reporting your company’s commitment and approach by mirroring our concept ;
  • Introducing your brand in the newsletter sent to all members, clients and creators ;
  • Introducing your brand in an article of our editorial section “The Journal”.



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Provide craftspeople the opportunity to promote their exceptional expertise. Harbor people and companies that appreciate this art at its true extent. Keep the memory of the history, the materials, and the methods. Restore the product to its status of singularity and uniqueness. Catalyze, promote and ensure the sustainability of this Heritage of Humanity.