Custom-made manufacturing

Because you are unique

Luxury is an emotional value, a unique dialog between the object and its owner, not a price. Each creation is born from this happy balance between imagination and knowledge, between aesthetics, technology and innovation.

This production has a story. Yours first. Whether you are an individual or represent a brand, you need to listen, capture, understand it to better epitomize it. Our selected creators then will embody it for you with all their passion, expertise and time-honored experience for your utmost satisfaction.

By this exclusive achievement, you become the heir and guarantor of the transmission of a new story…

Furniture, jewelry, bronze, china, ceramics… Soak up the know-how and expertise of our craftsmen and discover the richness of the essence, fabrics, the trueness of the materials and the method’s precision; discover again the pleasure of waiting.


An idea, a project ? Make it real and truly unique

How many items in your environment have been made just for you ? Through our network of creators, and accompanied by our experts at every step of the project, make real something truly unique that suits you!

An idea, a photo, a sketch, a short description… We stand by you to see your projects through according to you expectations and requirements. To this end, alongside with you, we specify the idea, we select the most accurate craftsmen, we manage the manufacturing planning, we control the quality of the creation, then ensure the good delivery.

At Human Heritage, we offer :

  • A meeting to discuss your wishes, your expectations, your ambitions ;
  • Access to our global network of creators ;
  • Uncompromising exigency to implement your project : Human Heritage team is your single point of contact to accompany you throughout the project, analysis, apprehension and specification of requirements, project schedule management, quality control, up to delivery.


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Provide craftspeople the opportunity to promote their exceptional expertise. Harbor people and companies that appreciate this art at its true extent. Keep the memory of the history, the materials, and the methods. Restore the product to its status of singularity and uniqueness. Catalyze, promote and ensure the sustainability of this Heritage of Humanity.