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Luxury art photography | Human Heritage
Luxury art photography | Human Heritage
Luxury art photography | Human Heritage
Luxury art photography | Human Heritage

The Story

In ancient Egyptology, the beetle image represents the sun that rises from itself, a symbol of change and becoming affirming the Egyptian symbolic principle of the high Genesis, the self-producer Creator, and all forms of his creation. It teaches the idea of ​​successive states of being and transformations. The symbolism also comes from the habits of the sacred beetle, which spend hours rolling a ball to be able to lay its eggs after completing its work.

The Details

  • Dimensions : 60 cm x 80 cm
  • Fine art museum baryte paper
  • White shadow gap frame
  • Clearcolor Plus UV museum glass
  • Edition limited to 7 copies, next available 3/7

The Craftsmanship

Qualified as the eighth art, and often described as “the writing of light,” art photography has undergone incredible changes with time and history, and by increasingly expanding photographic techniques - from black and white to color, from film to digital - and by the modes of artistic expression derived therefrom, which are true witnesses of artistic influences and currents of each period of modern humanity.

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