My Heroin

Carbon Fiber, Aerodynamic, Ultra-light


The Story

The Heroin bike is the first racing bike of its kind. It is designed and assembled in France from parts manufactured in Italy by craftsmen of exceptional know-how and an unmatched mastery of carbon.
Driven by their passion for innovation, they have risen to the challenge of making a bicycle that stands out from the pack by reconciling exceptional performance and technical prowess with elegance and good looks. Attaining their goal took more than two years of hard work, during which they had to reinvent everything, from the type of carbon fiber to the shape of the tubes to the finish texture.

The Details

  • Honeycombed texture maximizing the bike’s aerodynamic profile
  • Ultra-light 750 g (1,65 lbs) frame
  • Rims tolerating up to 160 psi despite weighing a mere 390 g (0,86 lbs)
  • Total weight of the bike: 6,5 kg (14,3 lbs)

The Craftsmanship

The Heroin bike fuses know-how and technical skill in a one-of-a-kind product. Its excellent stiffness/weight ratio is attributable to a unique manufacturing technique that combines tube-to-tube assembly with a monocoque frame.

It is made entirely by hand with very high-end high modulus carbon fiber that is used primarily in the aerospace industry. Each part is calibrated, fine-tuned and assembled according to a confidential process.

Delivery & Contact

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Special Orders

Numbered, designed and tuned to perfectly fit the owner – this is Heroin’s interpretation of bespoke perfection. This quality is rare: only 349 models will be made for the entire world. Delivered ready to ride and guaranteed for life: nothing has been left to chance.


14 900 $

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