Stacie Hess


Who are you ? What is your job ? What is your expertise ? 
Stacie Hess, Model and Photographer.

Location ?
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Interests ?
Photography, Films, Books, Nature.

Background ?
Originally from Hawaii.

What was your last purchase ?
Isabel Marant T-Shirts. She makes them so well and they are an everyday staple.

What is your hidden talent ? 
Surfing. And I make jewelry, from time to time.

What was the last book and/or movie that took you away ?
The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (the book is a million times better than the movie).

Restaurant recommendation ?
In LA, there are too many to choose from.  So many amazing places.  Recently, I’ve been going to this little café in Downtown LA called Daily Dose.  The food is yummy. The outdoor seating area is magic. And they make a Nutella Iced Mocha !

If I had $20, I’d…?
Spend it on parking at the Los Angeles Museums and spend the entire day exploring exhibits.

What is the experience and the journey that has transformed you ?
Always Hawaii. When I go back home, it makes me realize how fast we go in the bigger cities. It makes me yearn for a simpler life. But then again, I love the city as well…

What is favorite your city or neighborhood ? 
Malibu. I spend a lot of time there as I love the beach and the relaxed nature of the area. It’s a luxury to get out there and away from the hustle and bustle, in the middle of the week.

What is your dream vacation ?
Bali. The Maldives. Bora Bora. Tahiti. Anywhere where my plan is to just lay out on the beach and eat well… is a dream.



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